Safety Training

Why accident prevent or safety issue are more important than marketing?


Every day, accidents occur at the workplace, and it is an inauspicious fact of life that accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere. However, we can reduce the chances of accidents happening by following safety procedures or by safety training. Health and Safety training is the best way to prevent accidents in the workplace, and also plays a vital role in minimizing the number of injuries, deaths and other work-related illnesses on the job site. We know that the growth and success of any organization or industry is completely depended upon the quality of health labor or employees. However, in the construction industry, often occurring five times more accidents in compared to other industries.

With increasing percentage of accidents at the workplaces, the demand of safety training courses has been increasing, and more and more people have already joined or try to join these courses. People not only doing safety training courses for reducing unpredicted accidents, but for better job opportunities, particularly in contraction industry, which comes in high-paid salary industries. The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH Training) provides various kinds of safety and health courses that aim to educate people about how to stay safe in the workplace and home. It is important for every organization or company that at least one of their employees should be certified with a NEBOSH health and safety course, so that this employee can advice to other employees on how to avoid accidents at the workplace.  Other best ways to prevent accidents in the work place are given below:

Regularly Check the Extinguishers: If your fire extinguisher does not work during emergency time, then it is useless to know where these are kept. Therefore, check the extinguishers such as check its pressure gauge, if the needle is on green part, then it’s fully charged.  Workplace may loose that can never imagine Look at workplace injury reports here

Don’t Smoke at Workplace: Smoking is not only injurious, but also sometimes very dangerous for your workplace. If you want to smoke, then follow these precautions:

  • Completely extinguish both the cigarettes and matchsticks
  • Usually, every company has a designated area for smoking, use that.
  • Ashtrays should be emptied only when the cigarettes in it are extinguished

Hire a Someone in charge of safety in your organization: Keep a safety coordinator within your company and discuss all the safety policies with him. This person should be completely aware of all the responsibilities associated with safety, and if he is a safety certificate holder then it is more beneficial for your company. they can be available at many jobs sites such as businessweek

Properly maintain your machines: Maintaining machines properly, especially in construction industry minimizes the risk of accidents. Overheated machines are the major cause behind workplace fire accidents. Therefore, keeping them clean and lubricating time to time annihilate the chances of friction, which could spark a fire.


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