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Increase Demand for Oil And Gas Safety Professionals In 2014

safety-expertPetroleum Industry is a fast growing industry in the world with a huge amount of risk, danger and uncertainty. With almost every country around the world determined to secure its own energy in future by increasing production, through exploration or by developing infrastructure. In result the demand of oil and gas safety experts increasing day by day. The role of health and safety expert in oil and gas industry has evolved over recent years, and prevention of risk, injuries and accidents has become the prime responsibility of organizations. Therefore, oil and gas companies are looking for oil and gas safety professionals or experts who have a strong ability to engage employees or workers to achieve a better safety performance throughout the organization.

According to SHEilds reports UK “expertise in the oil and gas sector continues to be in high-demand worldwide” Oil and Gas safety expert has usually knowledge and experience in standards for natural gas distribution, gas transmission, and petroleum pipelines.

Due to Increasing Accidents in Oil and Gas Industry:

Oil and Gas industry is one of the high hazard industries in the world. There are two types of accidents happened in this industry that are individual accidents and organizational level accidents. Individual accidents are the most common accidents such as worker injury or fatality with limited consequence while organizational accidents are rare, but the result can be extensive and disastrous. These accidents involve product releases, explosions and fires typical in this industry. Such industrial accidents have various causes as well as contributing factors, and engage a lot of people working at different levels within the companies. Hence, oil and gas companies are seeking for oil and health safety experts, who can help them in preventing such accidents. NEBOSH organized technical certificate program in oil and gas operation safety and every year number of students increasingly to get this certification. One can also find a course provider at NEBOSH’s site or may check location at http://www.sheilds.org/exam-locations

Retirement –

Large numbers of safety experts have retired in 2013 and many are going to retire in 2014 all around the world. Therefore, the demand of safety professionals in this industry is continually increasing, particularly in the renewable energy industries. Therefore, if you are thinking a career in the oil and natural gas industry, then this is the right time for you.

 Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Oil and gas safety professionals help management in developing as well as implementing their safety plans. They also give them advices on operational safety matters related to the work.
  • They have to provide safety presentations on oil and gas to enhance the Health and safety and awareness among employees and workers.
  • In case of any accidents or fatal injuries, they help in accidents investigation, reporting and monitoring their follow up in harmony to safety procedures.
  • They also co-ordinate and conduct inspections or audits of facilities as well as activities to make sure compliance to safe work practices.
  • They design and implement emergency response plans and safety training.
  • Safety professionals conduct workplace inspections to find out any unsafe or unhealthy working condition, and ensure conformity with appropriate laws and regulations.
  • Documenting and tracking risks and their resolution

The 2013 year was an excellent year for oil and gas safety experts with increase in jobs opportunities, salaries and other benefits. The demand is continuous going to increase in 2014 with many other new benefits. One can also see the production report by country for oil and gas industry here.

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