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What Is Safety Signs And Does Every Possible Risk Needs A Safety Sign? (Infographic)

Nothing is more important than keeping your employees, visitors and of course yourself safe from any harm or danger at the workplace. However, there is a strong myth that is every risk or hazard requires a safety sign, which is completely untrue. Using or hanging too many signs on the work site will be ignored or will not be read, so use safety signs only where there is a significant danger or serious risks that is unavoidable or uncontrollable.

A safety/warning sign provides information as well as instruction about safety or health at the work place by means of an illuminated sign, acoustic signal, signboard or hand signal. One of the best ways to make sure complete protection is through utilization of safety signs that available in different categories as well as covers an extensive range of potential danger or hazards.

Signboards – They usually give information as well as instructions by a mix of color, a symbol or shape, which is turned into visible by lighting of enough intensity. There are many types of signboards, and some of major ones are given below:



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