Safety Training

Top 5 Health And Safety Hazards In A Construction Site

The construction industry accident, injury and fatality rate stand over double that of the other industries. However, hazards and dangers related to construction sites are recognized. Most of the responsible business owners are well aware of their duty of care to workers, employees, site visitors and everyone who can be affected by their activities. In addition, employers will manage workplace effectively and implementing suitable accident prevention measures. Some of the major health and safety hazards are explained below:

1. Working at Height
The construction of buildings as well destruction works requires experienced workers to work at height. Injuries and fatalities related to height involving factors account for plenty of accidents every year. The hazards that are linked with working at height are raised by additional access and mobility limitations. Health and safety training, including safety awareness training is extremely important for workers / employees needed to work at height.


2. Slips, Trips, & Falls
Slips, trips and falls can occur in any workplace. Some of the common causes of slips include weather hazards, wet or oily surfaces and loose, unanchored rugs or mats. However, poor lighting, wrinkled carpeting, clutter and uncovered cables are the main reasons for trips. Construction workplaces are a hodgepodge of holes in the ground, scaffolding, stored materials & equipment and buildings at various stages of completion. So, workers do need their eyes in the back of their head at times.

3. Material & Manual Handling
Heavy equipment and Materials is being frequently lifted and moved in the place of a construction site, whether by using the lifting equipment or manually. Various trades will involve higher demands, but all could involve some risk. Remember, adequate safety training must be provided, where employee’s activities or work involve manual handling. Always maintained the records of training for verification.

4. Asbestos
It is a natural, fibrous mineral. Asbestos has become the industry standard and have been using in a multitude of building construction as well as industrial applications, specifically where durability or fire resistance needed. Asbestos is seen as a great problem for construction workers, including electricians, plumbers and joiners. Fibers of Asbestos can divide horizontally and longitudinally and eventually end up as minute fibrils, which are invisible to the naked eye. Workers and employees need to know where it is as well as what to do if they met with distrustful materials that might hold asbestos.

5. Moving Objects
Equipment or other objects on a working site may unintentionally fall from top floors of incomplete buildings, or from scaffolding or cranes. Construction sites can get fairly frantic what with the sheer volume of continually moving vehicles and trades people –shifting heavy loads, overhead lifting equipment, dumper trucks, supply vehicles everywhere, evasive actions around a typically uneven landscape.

Some other common hazards are Electrical hazards from power equipment, tools or power lines, Fire hazards and respiratory from wood dust, Exposure to ultraviolet radiation, Working in extreme temperatures, Hearing loss from noise exposure and many others.


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