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Find out a Career as an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

The occupational health and safety specialist is one of the most important and well known positions in many companies or organization. These specialists often promote work safety as well as preventative accidents or injuries in the workplaces. In this post, I am telling you how to become an occupational health and safety specialist, what are the requirements, job description, the education and training requirements and many more other things.

Occupational health and safety professional analyze various kinds of work environments and procedures. Besides, they also design safety programs to prevent injury, accidents to workers or employees as well as damage to the environment.


The prime work of an occupational health and safety expert is to prevent or minimize any type of harm or injury to workers, employees or even visitors in the workplace. The specialist can find jobs in a variety of settings such as local, state, federal governments, manufacturing, hospitals and many more others. The occupational health and safety professionals can pursue a different job title, including health physicist and industrial hygienist. However, the person must have a bachelor’s degree as it is the minimum requirement for this.

General Requirements

  1. Degree Level – Bachelor’s degree is must, Some position required masters as well
  2. Degree Fields – Occupational health and safety, chemistry, engineering, health physics, industrial hygiene, biology,
  3. Certification – Not required, but some organizations List certification as desirable
  4. Key Skills – Strong communication skills, problem-solving skills, , physical stamina, detail oriented,
  5. Computer Skills – Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  6. Technical Skills Must have the ability to use advanced technology and complex testing equipment
  7. Additional Requirements – Knowledge of safety and occupational health principles, laws, concepts regulations

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What Does an Occupational Health and Safety professional do?

  • A specialist conducts safety inspections and imposes fines.
  • Design safe work places, examine machines as well as test air quality.
  • Increase worker or employee productivity by minimizing absenteeism
  • Develop techniques to predict dangers or hazards
  • Give advise managers about safety performance
  • Conduct health and safety training sessions
  • Help inspect accidents and recommend remedial action.
  • Take care for chemical, physical, radiological and biological hazards.

Remember, courses and training required for becoming an occupational health and safety expert will differ on which field you are looking at. For example, industrial hygiene specialists will focus on various courses than a person who is interested in ergonomics. If you have passed out high school, then must contact a college that provides occupational health and safety degree courses and ask about their requirements.


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